Constantinos Michael

Vital Statistics

BSc in Computer Science [May 2006]
MSc in Computer Science [December 2006]
Department of Computer Science,
The Whiting School of Engineering,
The Johns Hopkins University (JHU)
Baltimore, MD, USA

Constantinos Michael Resume: [pdf] [ps]
Advisor: Dr. Randal Burns


I am an alumnus of the Johns Hopkins University of Baltimore, Maryland, graduated 2006, and previously of the English School, Nicosia, graduated 2000.

While attending Johns Hopkins, I worked on a number of medium and large applications and took a number of courses related to Information Extraction and Processing, including Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Information Retrieval (IR). For IR I wrote software (perl) that would analyze database driven sites so as to reverse-engineer the site templates and extract the content, which would then be stored in a database and displayed through an embedded HTTP server. It successfully extracted lyrics from around 7GB of data from lyrics web sites, and was tested on a smaller scale on movie databases (such as the IMDB).

For Object Oriented Systems (Fall 2004), I developed Musebox (java), a multi-user, multi-channel, database backed, streaming media server/client, which I briefly continued to develop with Constantinos Neophytou and Loucas Papayiannis. I also wrote and open-sourced jaminid, a very small http server implementation (java), meant to couple with software as an embedded http server without the typical configuration pain. The approach resembles Java servlets, but is easier to use, smaller and quite fast. Finally, I was involved in the development of Dynasty project, which aims to create an interactive browser for infinitely large graphs, primarily for use as a debugger for the Dyna language. I was honored in 2005 with the Johns Hopkins Computer Science Outstanding Undergraduate award, and in 2006 with the Johns Hopkins Computer Science Outstanding Senior award.

You may also remember me from Internet 600.113, for which I was the head course assistant during Fall of my sophomore year. I am also a member of the ACM, Johns Hopkins chapter, and the Computer Science honor society, UPE, and of the local chapter of the ACM.

Breaking a long tradition of spending my summers working for my dad's architectural firm, in summer 2005 and summer 2006, I worked as an intern at Bloomberg LP in Manhattan. My projects included integrating Python into the development environment by coding wrappers and couplers to the existing APIs, writing an SQL-like interpreter for the proprietary database, and developing a framework for the rapid development of thin GUIs.

I joined Google in January 2007, as an Engineer on the Google Maps team in New York.

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